Mar 10, 2022 • 55M

Substack Talk with Chevanne and Diane

The first in a series of Twitter Space conversations about our writing and Substack

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Diane Hatz
Chevanne Scordinsky
Putting voice to the written word. More to come shortly!
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Chevanne Scordinsky from The Flare and Diane (me!) from Whole Health with Diane Hatz have started a Twitter space to talk about their writing and all things Substack. Our first conversation above is an intro to our work and our experiences writing on the platform.

We don’t have a set schedule yet, but please follow Diane @dianehatz or Chevanne @theone_chiv to join us every week or two.

Our next conversation is scheduled for Monday, March 21st at 6pm est. Join us on Clubhouse!

Big News from Substack

You can now read Whole Health with Diane Hatz in the new Substack app for iPhone.

Read Whole Health with Diane Hatz in the Substack app
Available for iOS and Android

With the app, you’ll have a dedicated Inbox for my Substack and any others you subscribe to. New posts will never get lost in your email filters, or stuck in spam. Longer posts will never cut-off by your email app. Comments and rich media will all work seamlessly. Overall, it’s a big upgrade to the reading experience.

The Substack app is currently available for iOS. If you don’t have an Apple device, you can join the Android waitlist here.