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There is much good advice here. The first basic one is that meditation is not the only way to be still. I practice stillness regularly, and I don't consider it meditation. I just sit or lie down and think. Or try not to think. The other, more important thing, is, as you point out, the enormous value of this. I am lucky enough to be retired, but even with the freedom and flexibility of time that that gives me, I still have periods when there is too much going on, or there is an emotional issue going on in my life.

Stop. Be still. Try to do it in an environment where there is silence. Do _not_ feel as if you are "doing nothing" or "wasting time." You are not. You are taking care of yourself. And of course, in order to get anything positive done in the world, or for yourself, you need to _take care of yourself_.

Thanks, Diane.

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Ugh, I'm terrible at sitting still and not doing or listening. I really need to do better.

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Wonderful insights and timely too, Diane. Thank you.

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Diane, thank you for this wonderful reflection. I missed the first two in the series, but can't wait to go back and read them now.

I really loved this paragraph: "If you feel paralyzed and full of fear over something, sit to see what's underneath. Perhaps you aren't actually scared of the change - instead, you feel bad because you aren't doing what you want to do."

This is exactly what has happened with me recently! Your words are helping me a lot today to sit with my feelings. It's crazy how much we humans will create things to be afraid of instead of facing what it is we're actually feeling!!

In that spirit, I'm making recent efforts in my journaling and meditation to literally "thank" my monsters: ex. "Thank you guys for being big and scary. You kept me safe from something that was scaring me even more."

Looking forward to catching up on your other articles. Peace!

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