I like the new focus of your publication Diane, and the new name. Looking forward to more.

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I hope your recovery from Covid goes well. It's nasty and I'm glad I'm over it. Hey, I thought those vaccines were supposed to, like, actually work? Silly me. I agree that you can't live your life indoors with a mask on. Some people avoid public events. I see people in my grocery store still wearing masks. I see people alone in their own cars still wearing masks. It's not a stretch to say that the masks, like the vaccines, don't do any good either.

Anyhoo, resetting, and re-resetting when the first reset wasn't quite what you wanted, is/are good. It's easy to toodle along in life and just end it all off not even with a whimper, because one is afraid it might make too much noise and bother the neighbours.

I hope some of the "discovers" will also be "reveals," though I understand not using the title "Diane Reveals" as it might give people the wrong idea. Seriously, what I mean is the fostering of as-absolute-as-one-can-manage self-revelation. Most people don't do it and most people are a little uncomfortable hearing it too.

I've been on some dating-site dates for the past year or so. Maybe half a dozen or a few more. In most cases, I told the woman that she could ask absolutely anything she wanted to about me, and I would tell her the truth. Not one of them asked anything even near substantive. Instead they did the opposite and spent an inordinate amount of time detailing trivia about their own lives. In fact, in most cases, I was not only not asked a substantive question, I was not asked a single question of _any_ kind.

Isn't anyone curious these days?

I've found that my natural tendency to ask questions, and to answer them when (rarely) asked, has only increased since I retired three years ago at the tender age of 60. My rationale is, "Fuck it, what's the worst that can happen?" The geniuses <sarcasm> who are running the wars and the economy and the planet we still are able to live on for another few years are doing such a shitshow of a job that any little tidbit I tell to anyone doesn't make any difference anyway.

In spite of all this, or because of it, I am the happiest I have been in my entire life. I wish similar for you.

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