I use a compost service and it’s really changed how I eat and what I buy. There’s a bunch of industrially compostable packaging so if you find a sustainable business, you can have the products you want without producing the associated waste.

Meal planning is also important since you can spend a ton on food that won’t get entirely eaten, which can turn into a financial and food waste cycle in itself.

Nice, practical tips to get started. Doing it imperfectly is still better than not at all.

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Thank you for this important reminder--especially this time of year!

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Dec 20, 2022Liked by Diane Hatz

I'm always shocked when I read the numbers about food waste. If it were like 1 percent, you'd say, yeah, it's a big country, so it's expected there's going to be some waste. But 40 percent is a behaviour and infrastructure problem.

I like the practical advice. I freeze anything that's freezeable. And another thing is the "this-is-odd stew" I sometimes make from bits of various foods that are at the tipping point. Mix it all together and maybe have some hot sauce handy, and you're good to go.

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