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Hi all - To anyone who's tried to change settings on what you want to get, this might be more helpful - Seems my first instructions were a bit confusing. I'll update them shortly. But, for now, sections are:

Next Draft (this is monthly newsletter)

Fiction/Book (articles about my books and eventually some fiction expanding on books)

Business of Writing (I'm creating this in a second)

Self-care/Spirit (themes within my writing)

Podcast (still sorting this out)

Other/Misc (general things that don't fit elsewhere I was moved to write)

I'm still a work-in-progress so apologies for any confusion!!

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Hi, first I’d love to know how you got an affordable Bruce ticket and what you consider affordable. I’m a lifelong fan and have heard nothing but horror stories in the online fan group I belong to.

Second, I followed your advice about adjusting my subscription but the categories you listed weren’t included as options. I switched to just get the monthly edition but also want articles about self-improvement and writing. Just not LOA or book publishing articles. Is there a way to do that?

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