Thank you Diane, your words are validating the feeling i have been carrying around for a little while. Trying to make my book more “universal” i have been killing its soul, and mine in the process. This is all i needed to hear to find the courage to stay true to myself and let my feelings do the writing

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Yes to feeling things! My revelation--that I'm happier when I'm writing what I feel--came last year, right after my husband died and I was a bundle of feelings and nothing more. Until then I had a hard time baring my soul or getting personal in any way, but as time goes on I'm finding it's where I wanted to be all along.

The giant perk that goes with it is in the responses from my readers. Not just about my writing about grieving or widowhood, but my writing about anything I'm feeling. They let me know they're on my side and I'm awkwardly grateful. Who knew?

Anyway, thanks for your honesty here--about why you wrote this piece and what it tells you about you'll be going.

You'll find as you go along, you're not alone in your feelings. It's going to be a whole new experience.

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Oh I feel this. I'm working on some changes to my newsletter as well, and writing about my own self-publishing journey 😊

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