You could still send links to your website only storied to your Substack subscribers

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May 12Liked by Diane Hatz

I think it's good to (re)evaluate what sites one uses to write and to read. I like simplicity and minimalism and organization, yet I want to be informed and I want my writing to be seen.

For news and other websites I want to follow, what I've arrived at is an RSS feed reader (that's where I'll input your blog URL, and coincidentally that is where I follow the blog that Substack admin itself produces). And the other tool is my podcast reader. Between the two of those, I think I'm keeping up with the current destruction of the world :-)

As for writing, I'm a real convert to Substack, mostly based first on their non-censorship. I already have one Substack line and plan to start another to promote my upcoming book. As for Substack's viability, I have no idea. It seems like all info on the internet: one place says Substack is shaky, and another says they just got new VC funding.

I had signed off all social media until I talked to a publishing consultant recently who said I should have a presence somewhere. So I recently signed back on to the least poisonous of them, Instagram, where I am posting photos related to the subject of the bio I'm publishing.

I also host a podcast, and the episodes are available everywhere as well as on my YouTube channel.

So that's what I'm down to :-)

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