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Who is Diane Hatz?

Diane is an organizer, author, and inner activist. Among her eclectic work, she founded and organized TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat,” a TED-sanctioned event, from 2010-2015. She founded and ran the nonprofit Change Food where she hosted smaller events and the larger Change Food Fest in New York City.

Outside Diane’s former East Village NYC apartment, where Rock Gods & Messy Monsters was born. Sept 2023

Diane was Impact Producer at film company Participant, mentor for artists working on projects related to food with Creative Capital Foundation, and executive producer of the award-winning animation The Meatrix. Her early career was spent working in the music industry, and her fanzine The Relay can be found in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

In late 2020, after thirty years in New York City, Diane moved to Santa Fe where she’s currently writing fiction. Her award-winning debut novel Rock Gods & Messy Monsters was released September 2022 and hard launched (relaunched) October 2023. When she’s not at her computer writing or organizing events, you can find Diane hiking in the New Mexico desert, road tripping, or helping abandoned dogs find homes.

If you want to learn more, you can peruse through her company site Whole Healthy Group, and/or check out LinkedIn. Whole Healthy Group is Diane’s indie publishing imprint as well as a social impact consulting company.

You can find out more about my debut novel Rock Gods & Messy Monsters on the book’s website.

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The author with two fans holding the old and new book cover. New York City, September 2023

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Writers Stacy, Sadie, Jaime, and Noemie from The Writer’s Room enjoying Rock Gods & Messy Monsters on the Lower East Side, NYC, Sept 2023

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Writer. Author. Organizer. Inner activist. Looking for answers to life's questions one pen stroke, meditation, and road trip at a time. Author: Rock Gods & Messy Monsters.