What is Next Draft?

Next Draft is a growing community of curious creatives interested in indie publishing, self-care, and spirit.

I’ve recently started a year (plus) long series on indie publishing and marketing. I made so many mistakes and learned so much while publishing and marketing my book Rock Gods & Messy Monsters. I hope to help other aspiring indie authors avoid the mishaps I encountered.

I also hope to encourage more people to take charge of their career and publish independently.

I’ve also recently added a new section/newsletter Rock Gods & Messy Monsters for articles based on themes in the book, including female empowerment and the search for self.

Every quarter, I'll publish a ‘zine covering everything over the previous three months, along with interesting tidbits I picked up along the way. And though they might be a bit less frequent, I will also publish pieces about self-care for creatives and my journey toward my spiritual truth.

Who is Diane Hatz?

If you want to learn more about me, you can read my bio, peruse through my company Whole Healthy Group, and/or check out LinkedIn. Whole Healthy Group is my publishing imprint as well as a social impact consulting company.

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  • Twitter: @ dianehatz

  • Instagram: @ wholehealthygroup

  • Pinterest: @ dianemhatz

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A Little Housekeeping

​​A little housekeeping. In case you’re interested in specific topics and not all of them, Next Draft is divided into various sections, so you can pick and choose what you receive.

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Diane Hatz
Writer. Indie Author. Inner activist. Looking for answers to life's questions one pen stroke, meditation, and road trip at a time. Author: Rock Gods & Messy Monsters.