Bringing the reader out of this writer. The inaugural Santa Fe Literary Festival is for both readers and writers. #writerscommunity
Next Draft is focusing on writing, research and creative musings. Join me on my writing journey.
There's a change in consciousness underway. We are moving from using only our five senses to exploring what lies beyond. 
Create your own reality and manifest what you want. Simply think it, feel it, and be it. 
Substack Talk #3 - Rebranding Substacks & MediumListen now | Bi-monthly podcast from Chevanne Scordinsky (The Flare) and Diane Hatz (Whole Health with Diane Hatz). In this episode, we discuss branding…
Many of us have felt like a fraud at some point - have you? What is imposter syndrome and what can you do if you have it?
Substack Talk w Chevanne & Diane - Samantha Demers on Twitter and moreListen now | Chat with Samantha Demers about Twitter, Twitter Spaces, and imposter syndrome. Co-hosts: Diane Hatz and Chevanne Scordinsky.
Original writing, news, and information on spirituality, wellness, and healthy food - with a sprinkling of personal perspective. 
Substack Talk with Chevanne and DianeListen now (55 min) | The first in a series of Twitter Space conversations about our writing and Substack
Let's celebrate the life-giving resource most take for granted. Learn interesting facts about water, and suggestions on what you can easily do to…
I am Ukrainian and I've never been prouder of my heritage. My grandparents came from the Ukraine, and I stand with all the relatives I will never meet…
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