What is Next Draft with Diane Hatz?

Next Draft with Diane Hatz is a newsletter for creatives looking inward. And some writing stuff.

The newsletter also shares news and information about my books. My current novel is Rock Gods & Messy Monsters officially launches September 7th. It’s set in the music industry, so there might be some not-too-sordid stories about my time in music.

I’ve spent my first year on Substack tweaking and fine tuning the focus of the newsletter, and it will continue to evolve as I do.

I’m over 50,000 words into my next novel and am working on the first re-write. There’s no title yet and I can’t tell you what it’s about yet, but think spirits, fallen souls and one woman’s journey to herself.

Who the Heck is Diane Hatz?

If you want to learn more about me, you can read my bio, peruse through my company Whole Healthy Group, and/or check out LinkedIn. Whole Healthy Group is my publishing imprint as well as a social impact consulting company.

You can find and follow me on:

  • Facebook - I have an author page

  • Ko-fi - a way to support my writing

  • Twitter: @ dianehatz

  • Instagram: @ wholehealthygroup

  • Pinterest: @ dianemhatz

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A Little Housekeeping

​​A little housekeeping. In case you’re interested in specific topics and not all of them, Next Draft with Diane Hatz is divided into various sections so you can pick and choose what you receive.

The sections are:

  • Next Draft with Diane Hatz - This is the monthly zine/roundup of articles from the previous month as well as interesting things I want to share

  • Self Care/Spirit - Themes within my writing revolve around these topics

  • My Book/Fiction - News about my book Rock Gods & Messy Monsters as well as fiction I’ll soon be sharing

  • Business of Writing - Articles about the writing and publishing process

  • Podcast - Still working on this one

  • Misc - Anything thing I want to write that doesn’t fit into the other sections

You are automatically subscribed to all sections when you join, but you can pick and choose which topics you’d like to receive.

Should you wish to remove yourself from a section/topic, go to:

  • The main Next Draft site on Substack

  • Click on your photo up in the top right corner

  • Scroll down to “Manage my subscription” and click on it

  • Then simply uncheck anything in the notifications box that you do not wish to receive. If you leave “Next Draft with Diane Hatz” as the only checked box, you’ll only get the full zines once a month and not individual pieces as they come out. You can also choose to only receive articles about the writing process, or only articles about themes in my writing, etc. Leave them all checked, and you get everything. Thanks for being a supporter of Next Draft! Please let me know if that’s confusing.

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Diane Hatz
Writer. Author. Inner activist. Looking for answers to life's questions one pen stroke, meditation, and road trip at a time. Author: Rock Gods & Messy Monsters. Currently interpreting the novel through my substack.